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Box Chronometer

Catalogue number:

"HAMILTON (/) LANCASTER PA., U. S. A. (/) N 1(/) 1941" and "MODEL 221. 14 JEWELS (/) HAMILTON WATCH CO. (/) LANCASTER. PENNA. (/) MADE IN U.S.A. FOR (/) U.S. NAVY. BU. SHIPS-1941 (/) N 1"

bezel 4.9 inches diameter

The Hamilton Watch Company made 8902 chronometers for the U.S. Navy, 1500 for the Maritime Commission, and 500 for the Army and Air Force during World War II. This is a 56 hour instrument that was made in 1941. It has a later pattern Earnshaw spring detent escapement, and indications for hours, minutes, seconds, and up and down. The U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships transferred it to the Smithsonian in 1956.

Ref: Marvin E. Whitney, The Ship's Chronometer (Cincinnati: 1985), p. 4.

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