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Box Chronometer - click to enlarge

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Box Chronometer

Catalogue number:

"TO H. M THE KING OF (/) SWEDEN (/) & (/) NORWAY (/) PRIZE MEDALS AWARD (/) 1860 (/) (1862) (/) 1864 (/) VICTOR KULLBERG (/) Maker to the Admiralty. (/) THE INDIAN & COLONIAL GOVERNMENTS. (/) 105 Liverpool Rd. London. N. (/) U.S. ARMY (/) NINE GOLD MEDALS AWARDED (/) DIPLOMA OF HONOR, SOLE & HIGHEST AWARD, VIENNA (/) 5288"

bezel 4.8 inches diameter; backplate 3.1 inches diameter

Victor Kullberg (1824-1890) was a Swedish chronometer maker who worked in England, whose instruments excelled at the Greenwich Trials. The U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships transferred this example to the Smithsonian in 1953. It is a 56 hour instrument with a later pattern Earnshaw spring detent escapement, and indications for hours, minutes, seconds, up and down. The serial number indicates that it was made in 1891

Ref: Tony Mercer, Chronometer Makers of the World (Colchester, 1991), pp. 183-184.

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