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Box Chronometer

Catalogue number:

"ROTH BROTHERS CHRONOMETER CO. (/) NEW YORK U.S.A. (/) U.S. MARITIME COMMISSION (/) M 31" and "U.S. Maritime Commission 1944 ":

7.8 x 7.8 x 6.2 inches

The Roth Brothers Chronometer Company began in business around 1940, anticipating wartime demand for chronometers and other navigational instruments. They bought chronometers from various sources and sold them to the United States government. They were also commissioned to make chronometers for the Naval Observatory. Two of the three chronometers submitted for trial were accepted, but the war ended before any were used. Roth sold the leftover chronometer parts to Forrest E. Peters of the Peter's School of Watchmaking in Washington D.C., who gave this partial example to the Smithsonian.

Ref: Marvin E. Whitney, The Ship's Chronometer (Cincinnati, 1985), p. 391-392.

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