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Taffrail Log

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"JOHN BLISS & CO. (/) TAFFRAIL (/) LOG (/) PATENTED (/) NOV. 15, 1864. (/) APR. 2, 1867 (/) JUNE 6, 1876. (/) SEPT. 17, 1878."

Bliss’s Patent American Taffrail Log–which was introduced around 1871 and which received a medal at the Centennial Exhibition of 1876–was based on the inventions of Captain Truman Hotchkiss, a sea captain living in Stratford, Connecticut. This example incorporates two features designed by John and George H. Bliss in the late 1870s. One is a register with three dials that read tenths of a mile, ten miles, and 100 miles. The other is a rotator designed to prevent sea-weed accumulation. It was probably made before 1884 when the Bliss brothers obtained another patent for a further improved rotator.

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