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Life on the Water

How are you connected to the water? The toys you play with, the food you eat, and the way you have fun depends on the men and women who work on America's waterways. Learn the story of a brave girl who worked in a lighthouse and explore the water near you. Read more»

September 11, 2001

Many children have heard of “September 11” or “9/11” but may not understand the shocking events that occurred ten years ago. Use our featured children’s book The Little Chapel That Stood to discuss the events of September 11, 2001, and talk about the community helpers in your hometown or how we remember difficult issues. Look Up »

All Aboard the Train!

Railroads have moved people and cargo around America for more than 180 years. Explore steam locomotives with the read-aloud book Jingle the Brass and related activities including field trip suggestions, a video of the world’s oldest operable locomotive, and ideas for enjoying railroad lingo at play. Start Thinking »

Coming to America

Whether you think America is more of a melting pot or a salad bowl, immigration has had a huge impact on American history. Explore the experiences of immigrants who came to America and the ways that immigration has changed life in America. Learn more»

Great Women of Our Pasts

Explore the women in your family this spring.  Have you ever thought about the women who shaped your life today? The sacrifices they’ve made, the obstacles they overcame, or the memorable times in history they lived through? Explore the women in your family or community who have made an impact on who you are today. Read more»

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