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Printable OurStory flyer.

Download the PDF version of this flyer to print and share with your students, patrons, or parent group.

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Printable Flyers

Whether you're a librarian or parent, teacher or principal, anyone can help share Ourstory with our printable flyers. The flyers look great printed in color or black-and-white, and fit on standard letter-sized paper. Also feel free to e-mail the PDF file or link to its location on the OurStory site (http://americanhistory.si.edu/ourstory/pdf/OS_Promo_Flyer.pdf) from your websites or e-newsletters.

The "Inside the Cover" Campaign

If your library has copies of any of the featured OurStory books, such as Martin’s Big Words, we would be honored to have you place an OurStory sticker inside the cover to let your patrons know that there are free Smithsonian activities online. Here's how you can join our "Inside the Cover" campaign:

  • First, complete this form (PDF), which lists all of the featured OurStory books. Take a look through your collections to see how many copies you have of each title.
  • Then, send us the form by e-mail at thinkfinity@si.edu or fax at 202-312-2921.
  • Next, we'll mail you the number of stickers you requested, along with a special "thank you" gift. (See form for details.)
  • When you receive the stickers, place them inside the featured OurStory books in your collections.
  • Finally, if you and your patrons love your stickers and love OurStory, e-mail us a photo, and it may be featured here on the OurStory webpage.

We will be pleased to send stickers and "thank you" gifts to our colleagues at schools and libraries across the country, as a way of encouraging more children and families to explore American history through great children's books!

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