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Historic time period: 1945–early 1970's

First Lady for the Environment

Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers is an illustrated biography of Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson, from her childhood in Texas through her time as first lady to President Lyndon Baines Johnson and her development of the National Wildflower Center. Learn about this active first lady and her efforts to protect and enhance America's landscape by reading together. Then, try one or more of the activities to learn more about beautification and the environment.

The National Museum of American History has a broad collection of artifacts that tell the stories of the women who have served as America's first ladies. The exhibition First Ladies at the Smithsonian includes many items from the collection, and you can visit the exhibition in Washington, DC or online .

Also consider visiting the Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Library and the Lady Bird Johnson National Wildflower Center online for more pictures and information on Lady Bird Johnson. And, if you're curious about other first ladies and their spouses, the White House official Web site has background information and media related to each of the presidents and first ladies from the 1700s through today.

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If you're curious about Lady Bird Johnson and other First Ladies, take a look at these books. Click on the book titles below for more information, or visit our complete bibliography.

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Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers

by Kathi Appelt

Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers. Used by permission of HarperCollins Publishers.


  • What was on Lady Bird's plate?

    What was on Lady Bird's plate?

    Learn from Objects

    Take a close look at Lady Bird's White House china, then think about the plates in your home.

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  • Beauty All Around You

    Beauty All Around You

    Take A Trip

    Find examples of beautification in your community or by visiting a botanical garden. You'll probably find that Lady Bird's dream is alive somewhere near you.

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  • Plant a Seed

    Plant a Seed

    Play and Create

    Bring beauty to your home by planting and caring for a seed.

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  • Recordings from the Redwoods

    Recordings from the Redwoods

    Use Technology

    Investigate the story of Redwood National Forest and how Lady Bird helped to protect part of nature. Then, create a photo slideshow to tell others about a place that is important to you.

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