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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History offers a wide variety of resources suitable for use in libraries and to support reading instruction. Take a look at these resources and the opportunities to spread the word with the students, parents, and teachers in your community.

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    The Museum has developed many elementary-level resources that integrate reading instruction and American history content. Learn more and find links to free resources. Learn more »

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    You are our best ambassadors for Smithsonian resources. Take a look at these tools for sharing information about Smithsonian's resources with the teachers and students in your community. Read more »

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  •  Ballet for Martha book cover

    Read Ballet for Martha

    Read Together

    Meet three artists whose different skills help them create a beautiful story told in dance, music, and stage setting.

    Download the PDF »
  • Imagine an Immigration Interview

    Imagine an Immigration Interview

    play and create

    What if you were coming to America? Could you pass the test to enter the country? Try questions from Ellis Island and Angel Island.

    Download the PDF »
  • map

    Neighborhood Navigator

    take a trip

    Use an online map to plan a trip around your neighborhood or create your own map to share with a friend.

    Download the PDF »

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