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K Ration
K Ration

Supper unit, crackers, potted meat, Beech-Nut Chewing Gum, Chesterfield Cigarettes, bullion powder.

Paper, metal, cellophane.
"What I found when I got to italy was that this mess gear was rarely used. You could put that away, frankly...we lived on this. We would have...an egg and ham mixture in the morning, cheese at noon, and then this beef and pork loaf at night with a kit of this. And this would be our crackers. In this case it was evening, this has caramels in it, and some kind of fruit bar we'd usually eat."
Yeiichi "Kelly" Kuwayama

"And then the cigarettes and the chewing bar, chewing gum to more or less clean our teeth after eating, and then some kind of bag for drinks. In this case, we had bullion bags, so we mixed this with water. And what we used this for was that we would cut this up, or chop it up, burn it, use our cup from off our canteen and fill it up with water and fill it up with bullion, and have hot soup off of this, and eat this. And this is what we lived on for usually the week.
Yeiichi "Kelly" Kuwayama

"That's a Chesterfield. We never saw a Chesterfield on the front lines, a Lucky Stike or Camel. We got things that you never heard of on the front. We don't know who got these, but we didn't get them on the front lines, and I don't, I won't tell you the names of the other cigarettes...but they looked like they were scraped off of Bull Durham's barn floor."
Chester "Chet" Tanaka
Courtesy of National Japanese American Historical Society