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Color Brochure, George Ariyoshi
Color Brochure, George Ariyoshi

"Governor George Ariyoshi / Working Quietly and Effectively for Hawaii"

Paper, browns, blues, with color foto.
"On November 5, 1974 George Ryoichi Ariyoshi (1926- ) became the first governor of Asian ancestry in the United States. Reelected in 1978 and 1982, he served the longest term in office of any governor in Hawaiian history. A lawyer and politician, he was also the first lieutenant governor of Japanese ancestry in the nation. In his long political career, he never lost an election.

Ariyoshi was first elected to office in 1954, holding a seat in the Territorial House of Representatives. In 1958 he won a seat in the Territorial Senate and eventually became the majority leader. He became lieutenant governor in 1970 and governor in 1973, as then-governor Burns was ill. His governor-ship lasted until 1986 when he retired.

Still living in Hawai`i, Ariyoshi is a consultant and businessman."
Nikkei: Politics website, http://www.aaim.com/RESOURCE/THESIS/POLITICS/politics.html
Courtesy of George Ariyoshi