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M1 Rifle
M1 Rifle

This .30 caliber rifle was standard issue in World War II (1941-45) and the Korean War (1950-53).
Adopted by the United States Army in 1936, it gave rise to a number of variants, partly produced during World War II. From 1944, it was built as a selective-fire weapon, with a removable magazine and also given a bipod.

Caliber: 7.62 mm (.30-06 in)
Total length: 43.58 in.
Wight: 9.48 lb.
Feed system: fixed internal box magazine for pack of 8 cartridges
"this is the M1. It was standard for every infantryman. It weighed about 9.3 pounds, if I recall. Accurate up to 300 yards if you zeroed in, and you allowed for windage. Tremendous velocity in its fire power. It had a nice .30 caliber shell with a big powder chamber and a tiny head. With tremendous velocity for knocking people down. And it was just sturdy. Even when it rained, sometimes they would cover it with this rag or put an old tin can, C-ration can, or something on top. But you didn't have to do that. the only time you had to worry is if you fell in the mud and plugged this up and started shooting, you had to be careful. It could blow up on you if it hardened in there to any degree. but the gun would still shoot almost under any conditions."
Chester "Chet" Tanaka
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution