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Jap Hunting License
Jap Hunting License
People's World
January 9, 1942
"Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a certain David P. Bailey gained momentary noteriety in San Francisco by printing posters reading 'Jap Hunting License, Good for Duration of Hunting Season, Open Season Now. No Limit.'
Some people may have thought that hese signs were the products of patriotic fervor. However, Mr. Bailey's patriotism was suspect from the outset because he was operating a scab printing shop.
Now it turns out that Bailey and some associates have been jailed by the FBI and indicted for operating a a huge counterfeit ring...
Whenever you see people engaging in chauvanistic lynch incitement against the Japanese here, you may conclude that in nine cases out of ten, their patriotism is as counterfeit as Mr. Bailey's money orders seem to have been, and in the tenth case, the person is just the dupe of some counterfeit patriots."
Reprinted in Only What We Could Carry
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution