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War Gum: "Japan's Triumphal Entry into Nanking"
War Gum: "Japan's Triumphal Entry into Nanking" (No. 79)

Text on reverse of card: "After the rout of the Chinese armies at Nanking Japanese occupation of the city became a horrible reality for the remaining citizens. On December 13, 1937, Tokio announced the capture of the ancient capital and made plans for a new autonomous government at this city. Several days later, on December 17, Japan's highest army and navy officers in this area, led by General Iwane Matsui and General Prince Yasuhiko, Commander at Nanking, made a triumphal entry through the ancient Chungshan Gate. It was an impressive spectacle...quite out of keeping with the utter desolation of the once beautiful city. Rising-sun banners fluttered proudly over the broken walls and along the roadway. Japanese troops lined the walks, Japanese civilians within the city and throughout the world were reported celebrating the victory with lantern parades and festivals while surviving Chinese mourned their dead.
To know the HORRORS OF WAR is to want PEACE. This is one of a series of 240 True Stories of Modern Warfare. Save to get them all. Copyright 1938, Gum, Inc., Phila., Pa."
"Bubble-gum cards emerged from their wrappers, smelling of powdered sugar, in comic-book colors with armies and soldiers, tanks and planes, blood and gore...There was a message on each to justify their acquisition to the parents who provided the pennies: "To know the HORRORS OF WAR is to want PEACE." We kids hardly noticed....
A curious, comic-book war survives on the cards, the dream visions of gum-company copywriters. Whether the scenes were gruesome or glorious, the colors were always as bright as the outlook for victory. The enemy was always vicious and often cowardly, while our side was always brave and fought like heroes."
Stanley Weintraub, "The Bubble Gum Wars," in MHQ
Gum, Inc.
Courtesy of Carl Sheeley