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Robert Matsui political campaign, leaflet
Robert Matsui political campaign, leaflet

Campaign information, black and white photos of Matsui with others, and a Matsui biography.
Signed: "Thanks for / your help / Robert T. Matsui"

"His Grandparents came to Sacramento in the 1890's. His Grandfather was a farm laborer and later a farmer. Both his parents were born here; his father in 1915, his mother in 1920. They were married in 1939. In 1941 Robert Matsui was born. Six months after his birth, Robert, his parents, and twenty-five members of their immediate family were uprooted from their homes and incarcerated in camps for the duration of World War II, along with more than 110,000 Japanese Americans. Robert's parents lost their home and all their possessions. His father lost the small produce company he owned."
Citizen Matsui leaflet
"A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Hastings College of Law, Matsui established a private law practice in 1967. He was elected to the Sacramento City Council in 1971, winning reelection in 1975. He became vice mayor in 1977. The following year Matsui was elected to Congress. He has been reelected by large margins. A Democrat, he is an expert on international trade and specialized tax issues. Matsui is a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, and is a sponsor of measures to provide tax breaks for research and development."
Courtesy of Robert Matsui