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100th/442nd soldiers visiting fallen comrades
100th/442nd soldiers visiting fallen comrades

"When a grieving mother requested a picture of her son's grave in Italy, several soldiers of the 442nd's F Company spent their 3-day pass driving hundreds of miles to honor her wish. (L-R), Sadao Okuhara, Mamoru Hiranaka, Yoshio Yamamoto, Masatoshi Hokama and Katsuji Nakamuro."
I Can Never Forget: Men of the 100th/442nd
"The sacrifice made by our comrades was great...We must not fail them in the fight that continues, in the fight that will be with us even when peace comes. Your task will be the harder and more arduous one, for it will extend over a longer time....There will be more than eleven million returning veterans...But the splendid record you have made, at great sacrifice by you and your fallen commrades, will aid you immeasurably in finding your places in the postwar world."
Colonel Virgil R. Miller, Commanding Officer of the Combat Team
Go For Broke
Courtesy of National Japanese American Historical Society