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"Lost Battalion" map
"Lost Battalion" map

Lt. Col. James Hanley, Commander of the Second Battalion of the 442d, hand-drawn map. Outlines objective and route of attack.
On October 27, 1944, the men of the 100th/442 were ordered to rescue the men of the 1st Battalion of the 141st Regiment, and 3gth Division, which had been surrounded and cut off by the Germans near Biffontaine.
After almost ceaselessly having fought their way through the forested region against incessant infantry and artillery fire, the Nisei, on the afternoon of October 30, broke through the encircling Germans to join up with the survivors of the embattled Texas battalion.
Lt. Col. James Hanley, 442d Regimental Combat Team
Courtesy of National Japanese American Historical Society
October 1944