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"Arrival in Camp Jerome"
"Arrival in Camp Jerome"

Oil painting, by artist Henry Sugimoto.

"From Fresno Assembly Center to Jerome Relocation Camp. This was our home for the duration, but it was not completed. My family of 3 stayed in a warehouse -- on a spread-out blanket, spending one night in a completely exhausted sleep."
Henry Sugimoto

Oil on canvas. 52 1/4" W x 64 3/4" H
"But first we move in relocation camp, it was not quite ready. We had to stay one or two nights in a warehouse, right after the train. Warehouse -- no beds, anything. We spread on the ground. They want small babies and sick people and very old people first ones to get ready barracks. Then after a couple of days, they gave us our room."
Henry Sugimoto, in Beyond Words: Images from America's Concentration Camps
Courtesy of Henry Sugimoto