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Berry cart with wheel
Berry cart with wheel

30" L x 12" W x 12" H
"Near the end of the strawberry growing history in Florin, after the devestation of Executive Order 9066 when other communities where climate, soil and financial backing boosted a more productive strawberry farming, innovative ideas were tried. Sam Tsukamoto heard about it and immediately applied these ideas. Thus a carrier with one wheel was made to the surprise, ease and delight of those who had to labor long hours in the berry patch.
These were made and used by Sam Tsukamoto and his wife Arlene, who were the very last of the Niseis to grow strawberries in Florin, where once Florin had more than 500 growers in an area nearly 10 mile radius of Florin town, the shipping center and the strawberry capitol of the country around 1920 to 1942."
Sam Tsukamoto
Courtesy of Mr. William and Mrs. Sam Tsukamoto