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Wallet with I.D. Cards
Wallet with I.D. Cards

Belonged to Takenori Tsuchiya. Family number 21519.
Black leather wallet, with:
1. Topaz Student Association, 1944. Takenori Tsuchiya.
(Reverse: No. 341, names Student Body Officers)
2. WRA Central Utah Project "Resident Identification Card," Takenori Tsuckiya. address 9-11-E
3. Grade placement slip to the 9th grade for the fall term, 1944-45
4. Boy Scouts of America membership card
5. Topaz buddhist Church Young Bussei Ass'n . member card
6. Western Defense Command certificate of exemption card
(fingerprint on reverse)
Upon registration for removal to the relocation centers, Japanese Americans were issued a "family number," used from then on the identify themselves and their belongings during removal and internment.
Courtesy of Mrs. Takako Tsuchiya Endo
Mrs. Tama Tsuchiya Koda
Mrs. Keyko Tsuchiya Hall
Ms. Takenori Tsuchiya