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Line for vaccination
Line for vaccination

Original caption: "Manzanar Relocation Center, Manzanar, California. New arrivals waiting their turn to be vaccinated at this War Relocation Authority center for evacuees of Japanese ancestry."
"During the first month, typhoid and smallpox shots were given at whilesale rates. Everyone had to have these vaccinations, while children had others besides. For nights we heard groans in the stable. Almost everyone was sick from the typhoid shots. The baby three stalls down from us cried all the time. My brother, having started his inoculations before coming to camp, took his third and final shot. He complained that the final shot was meant for a horse.
The vaccinations kept the medical staff busy. Evacuee dentists, pharmacists, and optometrists assisted the few doctors and nurses."
Mine Okubo, Citizen 13660
Clem Albers
Courtesy of National Archives

April 2, 1942