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Resident police patrol
Resident police patrol

Original caption: "Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. A patrolman of the resident police staff brings in a culprit and turns over the suspected stolen contraband to the desk sergeant. During the first three months of the center, only two cases of petty theft were on the desk sergeant's blotter."
"Most centers held inspections as well, designed to search out and seize contraband. The definition of 'contraband' changed as time went on. Flashlights and shortwave radios that could be used for signalling were always contraband. Hot plates and other electrical appliances were usually contraband, although exceptions were somtimes granted. Alcoholic beverages were forbidden. 'Potentially dangerous' items were also prohibited; in addition to weapons, the 'potentially dangerous' category sometimes included knives, scissors, chisels and saws."
Personal Justice Denied
Tom Parker
Courtesy of National Archives

December 12, 1942