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Children digging outside barracks school
Children digging outside barracks school

Original caption: "Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. View showing elementary children landscaping the grounds in front of their barracks school."
"Granada, Colorado. They used to call it a sand bowl, I think. Whenever they had a wind, the whole place filled up with dust. It was almost like a fog. And that was a reason why on the weekends people went outside to find some trees along the river. Volunteers got together, went out, dug trees, and planted them around the barracks. And then most of the people, since there wasn't much to do, started vegetable as well as flower gardens. By the time I left, it was quite green. Wasn't much of a sand storm after that."
Atsushu Kikuchi, in Beyond Words: Images from America's Concentration Camps
Joe McClelland
Courtesy of National Archives
April 24, 1943