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Preparing to leave for repatriation to Japan
Preparing to leave for repatriation to Japan

Original caption: "Seattle, Washington. Japanese repatriates embarking for Japan."
"So even before the war I was fed up with the way I was treated here. I realized that any white foreigner who came here had a better chance than I had. As soon as he learns the language and a few of the local ways he can't be told from anyone else and no one cares where he came from. But I have a Japanese face that I can't change and as long as I live I'll be discriminated against in this country. Look at the difference in the way they treated the Italians and Germans and what they did to us. You can't tell me that having a Japanese face didn't make a difference.
After all I figure that if it happened once it can happen again. Now they say, "It's all a mistake. We're sorry," and expect us to forget all about it and go off and fight in the Army. But the thing that gets me is that it wasn't any little group or individual that did it, but the United States government. If they had taken the aliens it would have been one thing. But here I am, a citizen, and they pulled me in too. If your own government is against you and if citizenship doesn't count, what's the use of hanging around, I say."
A Nisei Requests Repatriation (anonymous), reprinted in Only What They Could Carry
Courtesy of National Archives

November 24, 1945