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Instruction sheet, Western Defense Command & Fourth Army
Instruction sheet, Western Defense Command & Fourth Army

"Notice & General Instructions to Japanese Seeking Repatriation"

"All residents of this Center who desire to request repatriation to Japan should call at the Center Manager's office immediately so that the necessary forms may be filled out and completed prior to Friday, July 24, 1942."

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"My mother is dead but my father is in Japan. He was on the last boat that left for Japan before the war began. I have two sisters in this country, both married. One wants to go to Japan and one wants to stay here. I'm not sure what they will do.
Before the war I tried to cancel my Japanese citizenship. I made that request to the Japanese Consul. But I guess the war broke out before the records were sent to Japan. Probably my request was burned. At any rate I am pretty sure I am a dual citizen now. My father let me know that in a Red Cross message from Japan. He said "double status," and that's what he meant. Now, after evacuation, I feel that if I'm going to give up one citizenship, it is going to be American."
A Nisei Requests Repatriation (anonymous), reprinted in Only What We Could Carry
Courtesy of Juichi Kamikawa
July 1942