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Iino family in front of house
Iino family in front of house

Fresno, CA, ca. 1920.
On steps, from left to right: Sho Iino, youngest son; Taki Iino, mother; Ryo Iino, third son; Jinnai Iino, father.
On porch, from left to right: Minoru Iino, oldest son, who was raised in Japan, served in the diplomatic corps and deported after Pearl Harbor, and died during World War II when the ship he was on was torpedoed by the U.S.; Joe Iino, fourth son; Ken Iino, second son.
Ken Iino married Helen Inouye, and was relocated to Granada, Colorado (Amache Relocation Center) with the first of their two sons, after evacuation to the Santa Anita Assembly Center in Arcadia, California.
Courtesy of National Japanese American Historical Society

ca. 1920