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Poster on barber shop door - "Japs Keep Out!"
Poster on barber shop door - "Japs Keep Out!"

Original caption: "Barber shop in Parker, owned by Andy Hale, from street intersection. The shop is in the same building with the Grandview Hotel where Matsuda spent Wednesday night and was courteously treated. A Parker cafe-owner was caught by the camera as he watched the photographer."
"November 11, 1944, Poston, AZ. Close-up of door of barber shop by owned by Andy Hale, in a little desert town of Parker, 15 miles from where is located the Colorado River Relocation Center. Evacuees from the center, who cannot leave its confines without a pass, are discouraged from shopping in Parker, by WRA officials."
National Archives
Courtesy of National Archives

November 9, 1944