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Wooden sign, "Evacuees Stay 10 Feet Away From Fence"
Wooden sign, "Evacuees Stay 10 Feet Away From Fence"

Taken from Rohwer, Arkansas, printed in English and Japanese. Back side of sign autographed by some of the Rowher internees.

Wood. 11 " x 16" x "
"Soon after [we came to Rohwer], as a protest, about a half a dozen of us got hold of a wire cutter, so we sneaked off into the outskirts to a wooded area of our camp. And we decided we were going to cut the barbed wire. One of the guys had glasses. We cut the wire, and the wire, you know because of the tension, sprang back and smacked him the glasses. So we were groping around looking for the pieces of glass, because we didn't want the FBI to find them and identify them!"
George Akimoto, in Beyond Words, Images from America's Concentration Camps
Courtesy of Carol Hayashino