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"A Gracious Welcome, Sept. 28, 1942, 10am"
"A Gracious Welcome, Sept. 28, 1942, 10am"

by Chiura Obata

"Despite the heat and the dust we go to meet the new arrivals."
"Members of the center flock around the newcomers to wish them a welcome, undaunted by the extreme heat of the day." Chiura Obata

pencil and sumi, 9" x 12"
"From Sept. 11 on, busloads of 500 evacuees arrived day by day to Topaz, until the population grew to over 8,000. Invariably a welcome would be provided for the new arrivals in an attempt to alleviate the shock of the desert landscape and the crude accommodations."

"Arrived Thursday, September 24 about 2pm and found the place still under construction. The climate was very hot -- 110 degrees. The dust raised by the wind and passing trucks is like a smoke screen."
Chiura Obata, letter
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill

September 28, 1942