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"Talking Through the Wire Fence"
"Talking Through the Wire Fence"

"Talking Through the Wire Fence--the evacuees talk with visitors who were unable to gain admittance."
by Chiura Obata

sumi, 11" x 15 "
"Friends and students of the Obatas visited the camp not only to extend sympathy and provide welcomed gifts of food, but also to deliver much-needed art supplies for the Tanforan Art School..."

"The students from Berkeley would come to Tanforan. They would say, 'Oh, how terrible, Professor Obata, you are behind a fence!' They cried, poor things, so he would tell them, 'From my perspective it looks like you are behind the fence.'"
Haruko Obata
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill

July 1942