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"Dust Storm in the Barracks"
"Dust Storm in the Barracks"

by Chiura Obata

"The window is sealed with 'gum paper.' Everything from the bed to the desk has been randomly covered with any and all available newspaper. Yet, the smoky dust comes pouring through the cracks of the chimney, floor, and ceiling. Due to this hellish, burning smoke, one in desperation looks for the direction of the wind. When the window is even slightly open, this crazy wind with its ferocity wears out the women to exhaustion. They take pains to sweep the floor, change buckets of water a number of times only to mop again. Finally they are now about to take a moment's rest and gaze upon the floor."
Chiura Obata

pencil and sumi, 11" x 16"
"The dust storms in Topaz were terrible and made an awful noise. It felt awful even though we were indoors, so we covered ourselves with towels. Even indoors we wore scarves and masks because the dust was like a fog in the room..." Haruko Obata
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill

September 28, 1942