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"Entrance to the Obata Dwelling in Topaz"
"Entrance to the Obata Dwelling in Topaz"

By Chiura Obata

"All the families did some gardening about their dwellings in order to beautify them. Everything had to be brought in from the mountains, rocks, trees and shrubs."
Chiura Obata

sumi, 11" x 16"
"When kindling wood became scarce the trucks went out into the surrounding mountains to haul wood and they discovered some nice bonsai trees, so they dug them up and brought them back to camp. Papa went with the truck and [brought] this tree back with the roots on. He built a garden in front of our barrack door. We found all the stones near camp and put in the pebbles. Everyone liked it."
Haruko Obata
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill

November 1942