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"Hospital 1943"
"Hospital 1943"

by Chiura Obata

pen, 12" x 18"
"Chiura Obata's life as an internee living in barracks ended suddenly late at night on April 3rd. When he had stepped out of the shower to begin the walk back to his barracks an assailant struck him with a blow to his face. The attacker was probably one of the pro-Japan agitators who tended to focus their anger toward those Issei they considered to be pro-Administration. Obata recovered from his wound for 19 days in the Topaz hospital, then was released permanently from the camp to insure his safety. He joine his son in St. Louis, and soon afterward was joined by his wife and daughter."
Haruko Obata
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill

April 6, 1943