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"Finding New Dwellings, Tanforan"
"Finding New Dwellings, Tanforan"

by Chiura Obata

"We waded in rain, through slush and mud up to our knees, only to stumble into empty horse stalls. Many an involuntary sob escaped from our lips as we began our life at Tanforan."
Chiura Obata, 1943

sumi, 14" x 20"
"When we arrived at Tanforan it was raining; it was so sad and depressing. The roadway was all mud, thick mud, and our shoes would get stuck in the mud when you walked outside. They gave us a horse stable the size of our dining room with a divided door where the horse put his head out--that was our sleeping quarters. There were two twin beds made of wood, bunk beds, and another bed on the opposite wall. It was supposed to be a couch but it was made of wood too. There was nothing else, nothing. That one time I cried so much. That was the only time I cried; it was awful."
Haruko Obata, 1986
Chiura Obata
Courtesy of Kimi Kodani Hill
April 30, 1942