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Pillow on wood stand
Pillow on Wood Stand

Vernacular Name: haico (?) makura
Padded cylinder set horizontally on slightly trapezoidal wooden box with curved base. Box fasted together with wooden pegs. Top with pad slightly recessed. Pad has three covers -- plain weave cotton around stuffing, finer plainweave cotton, tissue paper. Pad attached to box by knitted cord around center of pad, through hole in each side of box. Belonged to Mrs. Goto's mother, Mrs. Kiku Kawasaki (of Kawasaki Hotel).

20.7cm L x 9.9cm W, pillow 19.6cm
Pillow is in a style designed not to crush full or elaborate haristyle. The pillow was placed under the neck instead of the head.
Mrs. Y. Baron Goto
Courtesy of Bishop Museum