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Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt
Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt

Commander of the Fourth Army during World War II. (1880-1962)
"A Jap's a Jap. It makes no difference whether the Jap is a citizen or not."
General John L. DeWitt
Commander, Western Defense Command, 1942

DeWitt's opinion regarding the defensibility of mass internment changed abruptly during the course of the first year of World War II. By the end of 1942, DeWitt was one of the administration's most outspoken proponents of the internment camps. His Final Report, however, created some difficulty for the administration, because of internal inconsistencies in his discussion of the separation of the "loyal" from the "disloyal." Dewitt accepted a less demanding job as commandant of the Army Navy Staff College in Washington, DC, in September 1943.
Courtesy of National Archives