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Clearance Sale, Uyeno Bros. Nursery
Clearance Sale, Uyeno Bros. Nursery

Original caption: "Los Angeles County, Calif. The evacuation of Japanese- Americans from west coast areas under U.S. Army war emergency order. Japanese nurserymen sell out their stocks."
"We kept our florist business until the Second World War. With Pearl Harbor, nobody buy our flowers -- we want to sell them -- but we have to get rid of it. That's the only way. The relocation order was a big shock. It sure was. They hung up notices to get ready for evacuation. It said on such and such a day you go...so what can you do? We can't do anything. They said we had to do it, so you just do it the way they want, that's all."
Masao and Sada Mori, in "Beyond Words: Images from America's Concentration Camps"
Russell Lee
Courtesy of Library of Congress

April 1942