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Posted Notice: "Want to Look For A Job?"
"Photo of work-offer sign board"

Posted Notice: "Want to Look For A Job? Short Time Leave or Indefinite Leave May Be Granted to Permit You to Go Most Anywhere in Search of Employment / What do they say about us away from the West Coast? The library at 22-15 has newspapers from various cities. See For Yourself."
"Our family had begun to dwindle, along with the entire camp population. By the end of 1944 about 6,000 people remained, and those, for the most part, were the aging and the young. Whoever had prospects on the outside, and the energy to go, was leaving, relocating, or entering military service. No one could blame them. To most of the Nisei, anything looked better than remaining in camp. For many of their parents, just the opposite was true."
Farewell to Manzanar
Ansel Adams
Courtesy of Library of Congress