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Soldier and mother in strawberry field
Soldier and mother in strawberry field

Original caption: "Florin, Sacramento County, California. A soldier and his mother [Miyata family] in a strawberry field. The soldier, age 23, volunteered July 10, 1941, and is stationed at Camp Leonard Wood, Missouri. He was furloughed to help his mother and family prepare for their evacuation. He is the youngest of six children, two of them volunteers in United States Army. The mother, age 53, came from Japan 37 years ago. Her husband died 21 years ago, leaving her to raise six children. She worked in a strawbery basket factory until last year when her children leased three acres of strawberries 'so she wouldn't have to work for somebody else'. The family is Buddhist. This is her youngest son. Her second son is in the army stationed at Fort Bliss. 453 families are to be evacuated from this area."
Dorothea Lange
Courtesy of National Archives
May 11, 1942