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Anti-Japanese Campaign Poster, 1920
Anti-Japanese Campaign Poster, 1920

"HOLD/ RE-ELECT JAMES D. PHELAN, U. S. SENATOR/ And let him Finish the work he now has under way to stop the SILENT INVASION"

Phelan portrayed in the role of Uncle Sam.
"In 1919, approaching the end of his term as U.S. senator, Phelan launched a new anti-Japanese campaign. He contended that the Japanese were a menace to America economically, socially and militarily. Using slogans like "Keep California White," he called for a more stringent alien land law. At the same time, he made the practice of picture bride marriages a target of attack, claiming it was a barbaric practice. His campaign contributed to the termination of picture bride immigration and the enactment of the 1920 (California) Alien Land Law, although he was defeated for the Senate."
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