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Young Minoru Yasui
Young Minoru Yasui

"Minoru Yasui, a Nisei attorney, worked for the Japanese consulate in Chicago up until the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. On the advice of his father, Masuo Yasui, Min quit the consulate and attempted to volunteer for the United States Army. He was rejected purely on racial grounds. In the meantime, his Issei father was arrested by the FBI for being suspected of helping Japan in the war effort...
Deeply affected by his father's arrest and his own rejection by the army, [Yasui decided] to challenge the curfew order passed on March 24, 1942....At 11 pm on the night of march 28, 1942, Yasui attempted to get himself arrested by breaking the curfew law....Thus, Yasui became the first Japanese American to challenge General John L. DeWitt's orders."
Japanese American History
Courtesy of National Wide Pictorial Service