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Fred Korematsu
Fred Korematsu
"On March 18, 1942, and March 24, 1942, Korematsu had plastic surgery on his nose and eyes in an attempt to disguise his racial identity. His plan was to marry his Italian American fiancee, Ida Boitano, in Arizona and then move to the Midwest....
On March 27, 1942, the army issued Public Proclamation Number 4, which terminated the 'voluntary resettlement program....At the time, Korematsu was still trying to earn enough money to marry his fiancee and move east.
On May 9, 1942, Korematsu's parents and three brothers reported to the Tanforan Assembly Center; he did not join them. Three weeks later, on May 30, 1942, Korematsu was arrested in San Leandro, California, for violating the 'exclusion order.'
[Following his initial conviction, and sentencing of five years' probabtion, Korematsu joined his family in Tanforan Assembly Center, while his ACLU lawyer filed a Supreme Court appeal].
On December 18, 1944, the Supreme Court issued its opinion on the Korematsu case. By a 6 to 3 margin, the justices upheld Korematsu's conviction."
Japanese American History
Courtesy of Fred Korematsu