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Fishing boats for sale in harbor
Fishing boats for sale in harbor

"Japanese-owned fishing boats at Terminal Island, near San Pedro, CA. 500 families were given 48 hours to leave the area." "Go For Broke"
"They got him [author's father] two weeks later, when we were staying overnight at Woody's place, on Terminal Island. Five hundred Japanese families lived there then, and FBI deputies had been questioning everyone, ransacking houses for anything that could conceivbly be used for signalling planes or ships or indicated loyalty to the Emperor. Most of the houses had radios with short-wave band and a high aerial on the roof so that wives could make contact with the fishing boats during those long cruises. The the FBI every radio owner was a potential saboteur. The confiscators were often deputies sworn in hastily during the turbulent days right after Pearl Harbor, and these men seemed to be acting out the general panic, seeing sinister possibilities in the most ordinary household items: flashlights, kitchen knives, cameras, lanterns, toy swords."
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston, "Farewell to Manzanar"
Courtesy of National Japanese American Historical Society