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Packing household goods
Packing household goods

"Mrs. Fukuhara and daughter, Seiko, pack up their belongings in preparation for leaving Seattle, spring 1942."
Divided Destiny

Some families were fortunate enough to have friends or neighbors who cared for houses, cars, and other possessions. This photograph shows household goods being packed away for the duration in the basement of a Methodist Church.
"Mama picked up the kitchenware and some silvershe had stored with neighbors in Boyle Heights. But the warehouse where she'd stored the rest had been unaccountably "robbed" -- of furniture, appliances, and most of those silver anniversary gifts. Papa already knew the car he'd put money on before Pearl Harbor had been repossessed. And, as he suspected, no record of his fishing boats remained. This put him right back where he'd been in 1904, arriving in a new land and starting from economic zero."
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston, "Farewell to Manzanar"
Courtesy Museum of History and Industry, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection.