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Poster, "We Congratulate the U.S. Army"
Poster, "We Congratulate the U.S. Army"

"We Congratulate the U.S. Army / On the Performance of their Duty in Taking Over at the Tule Lake Relocation Center"
Sponsored by Federated Stores of Tule Lake
"It's something of a relief to learn that Army forces --'some of whom are veterans of the fighting in the Pacific area' -- have taken over the Tule Lake internment center for disloyal Japanese and, presumably, 'have the situation well in hand.'
The War Relocation Authority policy of coddling and kid-gloving thse threacherous, fanatical, insolent monkey men finally has resulted in an incident which promises to clean up the whole mess.
Protecting the Nation from the thousand of disloyal Japanese rounded up after Pearl Harbor is a military policing jop, not a welfare worker's tea party."
Editorial, Herald-Dispatch (Huntington, West Virginia), November 8, 1943
Michi Weglyn's Years of Infamy
November 1943