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Soldiers loading cannon, 105mm Howitzer
Soldiers loading cannon, 105 mm Howitzer

Original caption: "A team of Japanese-American GI's throwing 105mm shells at Germans in support of an Infantry attack somewhere in France. Bruyeres Sector, France."
The importance of the 105mm howitzer, M2, and its ammunition cannot be overstated. The weight of the projectile, 33 pounds, was ideal for a light artillery weapon and could be easily handled. Its effect was devastating. This was the weapon for which Ordnance provided the most complete series of ammunition. There are some 13 different types of 105mm ammunition, including high-explosive shell, hollow-charge armor-piercing ammunition, illuminating shell, several colored smokes for signaling, propaganda shell for distributing leaflets, and white-phosphorus ammunition.
Courtesy of National Archives
October 18, 1944