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Chamber pot
Chamber pot

Wire handle, separate lid. Gray enamelled metal.
With lid: 10 5/8" diam. x 10 1/2" H. Base: 7" diam.
"The lack of privacy in the latrines and showers was an embarrassing hardship especially for the older women, and many would take newspapers to hold over their faces or squares of cloth to tack up for their own private curtain...
One morning I saw some women emptying bed pans into the troughs where we washed our faces. The sight was enough to turn my stomach, and my mother quickly made several large signs in Japanes cautioning people against such unsanitary practices. We posted them in conspicuous spots in the washroom and hoped for the best."
Yoshiko Uchida, Desert Exile
Courtesy of Haruko Morimoto
In Memory of Masahiro Morimoto / Tule Lake / 4704-E