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L. Jenkins
To me, being an American citizen is being free. Being an American means that you can make your own decisions about where you want to live, where you would like to work, who youíd like to marry etc. It means being brave, being proud of this Country, and being confident that we will succeed. Being an American is an honor not a privilege. Being a citizen is supporting the troops that are fighting for out Country. It means that if there is a disaster like 9/11 you donít just give up you keep fighting. It means that you treat your fellow Americans with respect. It means that you donít judge people because of their color, religion, or their beliefs. Being an American is being loyal to this Country and helping out in any which way you can. Itís almost like some American citizens donít really understand how lucky they are. Some are not aware of how well off they are to live in this Country. Iím sure that there are many citizens of America who are not proud of what they have, if only there was a way to make them non-citizens and help the people who are trying to get their citizenship and want to be proud to be American get their citizenship. After looking through the website it really makes you realize how lucky you are to be an American citizen. Reading about the Japanese Americans during World War II is devastating. Comparing those days to now a day there is such a dramatic difference. People should think back to when all the detention camps were happening and realize how proud they should be to be American.

Jason Gizowski
People do not get a choice of what race, what culture, what family, or even where they are born. You just get put into that culture, family, race and area and you have to deal with it and make the best of it.

I live an every day normal life, you know nothing special, and I am just a normal teenager. Or so I think. Then again if I thought about it I am very lucky. Why, you might ask? Because I was born in America, to a wealthy family in a nice neighborhood and I go to a nice school. A lot of people I know including myself take that for granted. People look up to America. Because of how our country is and how good the people of America really have it. There are people that dream of being an American and would risk there lives just to live in our country. Before I really learned about other countries, their problems, and the people I totally didnít think anything about living in America. All I thought about when I heard the word America was it is just where I live. But now when I hear the words America it means a whole lot more than that to me. Every day when I wake up I am just so grateful of where I live. We have problems here to. I mean it is not as great as some people make it sound, but it is a whole lot better than other countries where people are killed for the littlest things. I am an American and I am grateful.

What I think it Means to be a United States Citizen

I was born on February 14, 1986 in Soul South Korea. I was put up for adoption because my birth mother wanted me to have a better life and made sure that I would come to American. Which I think says a lot about what a great country we live in. Six months later I was adopted and on a plane on my way to Detroit, Michigan. Nine years later I became a citizen of the United States. I was now was a legal resident and had a social security number. I was made a citizen so late because my mother wanted me to remember that day. At the time I didnít realize what a proud day it was. I was no longer just another foreigner. I was now a US citizen. I now no longer had the threat to be deported I was now here to stay and no one could do anything about it. I know now what a proud day it really was, not only for me but my parents as well. I was now a part of the greatest country in the world. I think what it means to be an American citizen can be described in one simple word, freedom. In American you have the freedom to do what ever you want. In the United States you have so many freedoms and thereís always someone here who has your back if you need it. Being an American citizen isnít a right itís a privilege. Not everyone in this country gets that privilege.

I think that being an American Citizen means that we have right to lots of things. It means that we have the freedom of religion, the right to speak freely, and the right to own your own business.
The freedom of religion means that we can believe whatever we want. No one can tell us what is right and what is wrong to believe. The government canít tell you what to believe in. There is no one religion that the whole country has to fallow.
The right to speak freely also has a lot of meanings. The newspaper can print whatever they want because the freedom of speech. In other countries you can get punished if you say something bad about another person, but in America you can say whatever you want.
Having the right to own your own business without the government telling you what to do is a big one. In other countries the government just tells you what you are going to be, and you donít have any choice. In America you have the right to fail and the right to make money without government involvement.
This is what I think it means to be an American citizen. I am glad that I am an American, and I feel proud to be in a country where we have all these rights.

Croix C.
I think being an American means being free and trusting each other. It also means supporting each other. Also being a good person. Being an American means that we have freedom of religion, freedom of speech freedom of press, freedom of assembly and freedom of petition.

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