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I think that there are many ways that the tragedies of Peal Harbor and September 11th are similar and different. Both events were very monumental and emotional for the American people. I remember that when the attacks of September 11th happen just the day after Americans around the world no matter who they were came together whether they were having a moment of silence, or hanging our flag proudly. I wasnít around when Pearl Harbor happened but from the pictures and reading that I have done it was the same way. I think also think that itís sad that it takes a horrible thing to happen to make our people unite, although it makes me happy to see sometime. Unfortunately these horrible days left many families to morn the lose of their loved ones. I believe one of the biggest similarities is that both groups of people were trying to destroy the American faith and the way we live, even though we recovered there is always going to something missing from our lives because of these two events. There is one big difference because we the American people had cut off supplies to Japan and they didnít like that so they retaliated. Also during that time there was already a war started, but on September 11th we were just shocked it almost came out of nowhere. I hope that someday these sudden attacks will stop and maybe the wars will die down. Killing of anyone to me is just not right!

Jenny S.
Then and Now
The events of September 11, 2001 and the attack on Pearl Harbor are related because they were both attacks toward the United States. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, there was suddenly an act of discrimination on the Japanese-Americans. They were all transferred to a place to work for the government or were transferred to detention camps. The United States was then entered into World War II. In the detention camps they were forced to live in small wooden houses. The events of September 11, 2001 is similar because after the twin tower, the Pentagon and a field were bombed with our own countries planes full of our own countries people, the United States found out who did it and automatically went into discrimination mode. Most of the Americans turned against all middle-east people in the United States. They were hated in school, shopping places, their jobs and many more places. The United States government found out who had done this horrible terror attack and one thing lead to another and before we knew it, we were at war with Iraq. I donít think either of these events should have happened. Most countries donít like the United States because we have more freedom than they do. My opinion is if they donít like how we run out country than leave it alone. We run ours one way and they run theirs differently. If they are jealous about the way we run our country, than they should try to change how they run their own. I think there should be no wars at all because it is mostly just killing people for no apparent reason. When the Japanese-Americans were put into detention camps in the U.S., that just made everyone in our country look bad.

Tara Jackson
Then and now
I feel that there is a lot of similarities form the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack on September 11, 2001. Many people were killed and for a reason that seems pretty clear to just about every one. The reason would be that America is free, that we have our own rights. The people that are left are all picked on or made fun of or even just treated very bad.
On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. There were at the time Japanese Americans left and what happen to them they were made fun of, yelled at and even told this is your entire fault. One Japanese American describes it as his teacher told him ďyour people did this, itís your faultĒ to me that right there started its own racial battle.
On September 11, 2001 Osama Bin Laden attacked the twin towers. This killed many and hurt the countryís economics along with there sprit. The next few days even months and sometimes today to people would look at any one with afghan decent and even those if Iraqi. They were thought different of because of the people that they were, the people that they have been there whole life.
None of it was right we as a country was very raciest and even thought different of every one it wasnít right for any of us too do this. Every one is different in there own way. Not just today but even back then there were people that were different every where.

Jennifer H.
I think there are some valid comparisons between the two events, most notably the surprise element, the sheer number of lives lost, and the change in cultural climate that both events have had on our nation--they are watershed moments that have changed our country. However, the attack on Pearl Harbor happened (1) at a military installation (2) on ground that was US territory but not US soil--this is important to remember since everyone keeps making mention of Sept. 11 as the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor, when in actuality Hawaii was a US Territory until 1959. (3) during a time when escalating tensions were occuring between Japan and the U.S. and the European theater of war (not to mention the Japanese occupation of China and other Asian nations) was already underway, so there was clearly military threat and anxiety.
But certainly the xenophobia and jingoism that emerged just after both events seems to have a similar ring of targeting people from nations that we believe have attacked us, as was evidenced by the attacks (in some cases fatal) of Arab and Muslim Americans in the wake of Sept. 11.

Jessica G.
I think that September 11th and the attack on Pearl Harbor are times we will all remember. It seems like just yesterday when September 11th happened. I think that the attacks on Pearl Harbor and September 11th are alike because they both mark a special day on our calendar. And on that day you canít stop thinking of what happened. They are also alike because they were attacked by another country. They are different because Pearl Harbor was bombed and September 11th was a plane crash.

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