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Capture of Harrold and the Shooting of Booth in the Barn of Garatt's Farm/ by a detachment of the 16th New York Cavalry under the Order of Col. Baker.

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Date made: n.d.
Maker: Kimmel and Forster; Fuchs, Feodor
Place: New York, New York
Image size: Image: 11 x 14 1/2 in.; 27.94 x 36.83 cm
ID number: DL*60.3325
Negative number: 2003-19944


Color print depicting a group of Union soldiers waiting outside a burning tobacco barn (at Garrett's Farm). They have taken a man (David E. Harold) into custody, binding his hands. One soldier (Sergent Boston Corbett) is pointing a smoking gun through a crack in the door at an armed man on crutches (John Wilkes Booth) who is inside the barn. Booth is holding a pistol and a rifle. A house and several soldiers on horseback as well as one climbing over a fence are in the right background.