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The World Trade Center towers on fire after the terrorist attacks. Photo by Seymour Levy.

Photographs of World Trade Center attack and aftermath
Description: This collection of twenty-five photographs taken by amateur photographer Seymour Levy documents the World Trade Center attack and aftermath.

Context: Many Americans came to understand and remember the events of September 11 through photographs, but not all the images were taken by professional photojournalists. Among the most important and widely distributed photographs of September 11 were many made by amateur photographers like Seymour Levy.

Like many people on September 11, Seymour Levy was compelled to pick up a camera and photograph what he saw—the pain, fear, and horror in the faces of people around him. Levy documented the Twin Towers burning and collapsing as well as people’s reactions on the street. His photographs also include images from the following days, and the truck carrying the last beam removed from World Trade Center site on May 30, 2002.

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Two women watch in horror as the towers burn.
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Learning Channel flyer
Lucas Platt, a producer from the Learning Channel, saw Seymour Levy’s dramatic image of two women witnessing the aftermath of the attack, and was interested in learning more. He posted this flyer throughout the neighborhood asking people to call him if [...]
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A woman watches in disbelief as the Twin Towers burn.
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Bystanders stand in shock outside the World Trade Center.
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Seymour Levy eyewitness account
Seymour Levy eyewitness account It was approximately 8:50 AM, on a spectacular picture perfect New York City September morning, as I ascended the steps of the Canal Street subway station in lower Manhattan. It was then that I noticed a crowd of spectators [...]


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